Art adventures on the coast of Maine!

Living on the Mid-Coast of Maine has been a wondrous experience.  If you haven’t visited or stayed awhile, I do urge you to! Outside of my window,  the red and yellow leaves are falling almost as fast as snow flakes.  The shadows from the trees in the bright sunlight cannot be ignored.  You just have to go out on the porch & take in breaths of cool, crisp Fall afternoon air.  A bit woodsy, yet close enough to the shore to get the hint of sea salt in the air.

That is only one of the things I adore about Maine.  That is why as an artist and photographer I seize every available moment to capture the landscape, seascape and people on canvas, or through the lens of my Canon Rebel! I once went to the coast without my camera or even a pencil and sketch pad, so sad!

At Pemaquid Point loop, on a sunny afternoon were hundreds of traveling Monarchs, stopping to feast on the blue flowers not far from the lighthouse.  I was sick at the thought I had nothing on me to capture this scene! That was the last time I have been without a camera, even a simple point & shoot would have been better than nothing! So now I carry a couple of point & shoot cameras, and if I’m going on a shoot trip I carry my big stuff! When I did go back to that spot the next day, there were but two flittering monarchs left to take photos of.  Lesson learned.

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